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The Black Boy Narratives aims to provide a safe space for the humanity of Black males. A vision of writer Christian Loriel Lucas (Funky, "Let it Be Me"), this project will collect anonymous stories from Black males in Louisville, Kentucky and then share them on a Louisville stage.

The project will be implemented in 2 phases:

Phase I (2021-2022)

50 Black males (ages 5 to 25) will be interviewed in one-on-one formats and in group writing sessions. Their stories will be audio-recorded. All participants will remain anonymous.


Monologues will then be written in a play format, inspired by their stories.  

Phase II (2023-2024)

The stage adaptation will be planned and produced during this phase.


 The narratives will be performed as monologues on stage by a variety of local Black male artists, including actors and poets.

Black male creatives will also be recruited to work behind the scenes during the production process. 

To establish a new, creative avenue for Black male voices

To use writing and oral storytelling to promote self-expression, reflection, and healing

To demand that his humanity be acknowledged and protected

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Yep: Christian Loriel Lucas is woman.


She is a writer of short fiction, essays, and screenplays. She hails from Memphis, TN, the setting of her first book of prose, "Funky" (2011). She has published twice with Midnight and IndigoShe has an upcoming publication with Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora. And she has written her first feature screenplay, Let It Be Me. 


She received her Masters in English at the University of Louisville (2020) and has lived and worked in Louisville for the past thirteen years. She currently teaches English at Simmons College of Kentucky. 

For more info on Christian and her growing list of work, visit 


Contact Me

Would you like to share your story?

Know a Black male who would? 

Are you a teacher, coach, youth leader, or community activist who would like to organize a small group recording session?


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Fund for the Arts in partnership with LG&E and KU Foundation.

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